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    Supporting Student Success by Design, one donation at a time.


    Bonneville Education Foundation provides a donation vehicle through which patrons contribute money to schools and programs in Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 while receiving a generous tax benefit.

  • Questions? Answers.

    What is the Foundation? How does it work? Idaho Tax Credit? Can teachers donate?

    What is the Foundation?

    Bonneville Education Foundation History

    The Bonneville Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Founded in 1992 by a group of involved community members committed to providing resources which foster a caring, challenging, technologically advanced and culturally enriched learning environment where D93 students could reach their full potential.

    Idaho Tax Credit

    More than a Deduction!

    A donation to the Bonneville Education Foundation qualifies the donor for the 50% Idaho tax credit for "Donation to Idaho Educational Entities" (with limitations, see instructions for Idaho Form 39R instructions). The Idaho instructions specifically state that cash donations qualify; a donation of goods or services does not qualify for the tax credit.

    Additional Resources for Idaho Education Credit: Idaho Statute Title 63 Revenue and Taxation Chapter 30 Income Tax


    Example Tax Benefit Scenarios

    How Does it Work?

    Step by Step

    1. Donors decide which school, classroom, club, team, project, organization, etc. to support.  
    2. Donate online with the links provided or mail a check with a printed donation form.
    3. BEF sends donors a confirmation of receipt.
    4. BEF sends a "Golden Ticket" to the lucky teacher/coach/advisor/principal/ recipient of your generous donation; along with instructions on how to access the funds. (Usually within 30 days)
    5. The grateful recipient will know who to thank unless you request your donation be anonymous.
    6. At the end of the calendar year (Dec. 31) the Foundation prepares annual statements which will be sent to you by January 31 for your tax preparation convenience.

    Teachers Donate to Teachers

    Donate to your own D93 school or classroom.

    You can make a donation to the Bonneville Education Foundation and designate it for your own school/classroom. You can also sign up for payroll deduction so your monthly donation is deducted from your payroll check and credited to your classroom fund. Payroll deduction contribution form can be downloaded here.


    More information for D93 teachers here.

    Start Payroll Deduction


  • D93 School Donation Opportunities

    Student Success by Design, One Donation at a Time

    Elementary Schools



    Bonneville Online





    Falls Valley



    Mountain Valley


    Summit Hills



    Woodland Hills

    Middle Schools


    Rocky Mountain Middle School

    Sandcreek Middle School

    High Schools


    Bonneville HS

    Hillcrest HS

    Thunder Ridge HS

    Technical Careers HS

    Bonneville Online HS

    Lincoln HS

  • D93 District-Wide Donation Opportunities

    Student Success by Design, One Donation at a Time

    D93 Programs


    Special Services, Nutrition, FLIGHT, Discover, Advanced Opportunities, and MORE!

    Teacher Mini-Grant


    Teachers know that one thing that can make all the difference.

    Donate to the annual grant opportunity.

    Senior Scholarship


    BEF currently offers 1 senior scholarship to each comprehensive high school, and one across the magnet high schools (TCHS, BOHS, LHS)


    With you, we can do more!

  • Who We Are

    Bonneville Education Foundation Board of Directors

    Board of Directors


    Directors are individuals who live within District 93; each was recommended to the District 93 Board of Trustees by current Bonneville Education Foundation Directors.


    They are volunteers whose responsibility is to ensure that entrusted funds from donors achieve the intended goal with maximum impact, while complying with state law and Federal IRS code.


    Directors seek "to enhance the learning experience of students and to provide support for faculty members and administrators..." and " promote worthwhile endeavors which will enhance the educational experience of students." (BEF Bylaws, Article I: Purpose)

    Executive Committee


    The Executive Committee leads the business affairs of the Bonneville Education Foundation and are elected by their fellow Foundation Directors to serve a three-year volunteer term.


    The Executive Director and Foundation Clerk are full-time district employees who serve as part-time employees for the Foundation. They have non-voting positions on the Executive Committee.


    The Superintendent appoints the District Business Manager/Chief Financial Officer to serve as an advisor to the Foundation as a non-voting member.


    The Chairman of D93 Board of Trustees appoints one Board Member as liaison to the Board.


    Meet the Executive Committee

    School Liaisons


    In 2016 the Directors voted to expand the size of the Board to allow for one representative from each school in District 93.


    Working closely with Principals, PTOs, teachers, the School Liaisons are aware of the needs of the schools. They help the Directors understand why requests are made and advocate for the school.


    Aware of how BEF works, our liaisons share with the schools how to use the Foundation to reach fundraising goals.


    Meet the School Liaisons

  • BEF News

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    Dear Stakeholder in Bonneville Joint District 93 Educational Success: As a prominent community member we recognize you have a vested interest in the success of the students of District 93. Annually we offer Teacher Mini-Grants to provide that "one thing" the teacher decides she needs to make...
    March 1, 2018 · 2018,Senior,Scholarship,D93
    For consideration, please download this MS Word document. Complete the application electronically/ submit a typed application to your high school counselor. Counselors, please collect applications and submit to the Bonneville Education Foundation with a current high school transcript before the...
    Thank your teacher this year with the gift of a classroom donation. Giving is easy! Complete the Teacher Gift Form and submit it with your donation to the Bonneville Education Foundation. Your donation will go directly to the classroom you designate. Donations to the Bonneville Education...
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    Contact the Bonneville Education Foundation by email, phone, or stopping by the District Office.

    Bonneville School District No. 93 Office, Bonneville Education Foundation Clerk, 3497 N Ammon Road, Idaho Falls, ID 83401
    Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM
    208-557-6879 or 208-525-4422
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