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2018 Senior Scholarship

Apply today for one of three $500 scholarships to a District 93 Senior!


DEADLINE: Monday, March 12, 2018

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For consideration, please download this MS Word document. Complete the application electronically/ submit a typed application to your high school counselor. Counselors, please collect applications and submit to the Bonneville Education Foundation with a current high school transcript before the deadline. Note: Scholarship may be deferred for two years.

The Bonneville Education Foundation Scholarship Committee is looking for hard-working seniors who have used the experiences of high school, the resources of District 93, and the talent of District 93 teachers/staff to prepare themselves for college and careers.

Questions on the application:

Student name:

High School:

Cumulative High School GPA: (Provided by Counselor)

Please list the college(s)/vocational school(s) to which you have applied:

What is your intended major or field of study?:

  1. Please list the school, extracurricular, community service activities, and/or life experiences you have been involved in during your high school years.    
  2. Considering all of your classes, extracurricular, community service activities, and/or life experiences, explain in 250 words or less what skills you have learned that have prepared you for your college or career readiness. 
  3. In 250 words or less, name a teacher who has made a difference in your life and explain why.
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